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Monday, April 02, 2007


This is only the first of what will probably be too many 'To Do' lists before The Big Trip.

1) Dog Sitter - Prices begin at about $60/night and surpass skyscrapers. Good thing I've networked with a responsible, retired animal lover and the ex-boyfriend I bought the dog with!

2) Rent - Saving for room and board abroad is like getting ready to pay rent for two places! This means NO fancy dinners or extra expenditures (except pedicures) for 2 months

3) Diet/Exercise - I am committed to feeling comfortable in a bikini by June. Diet details to come . . .

4) Itinerary - Ah, the debate between having one and winging it; I would feel a lot better if I knew where I was going to be sleeping at night, preferably before that night arrives.

5) Packing - This will become more important at the travel date nears. We're going during the 'winter,' but it isn't the full-blown rainy season yet, so this will be tricky.

6) Language - A dear friend of mine loaned me Spanish CDs so I can brush up on the language. (I took Spanish in college but very little of that was retained . . .) My traveling companion isn't fluent either. I like the idea of immersion when traveling abroad; we should at least try to speak the language.

7) Safety - To rent a car or to not rent a car – that’s become a sticking point. He wants to - I don't. (My earlier entry has the details about this issue). Any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated.

So far, that's all I can think of. Except I can't shake the image of my ghastly white bum getting burned under a tropical sun ~ I'm adding sunscreen to this list! And I can’t wait to go dancing! Neither of us is salsa-savvy so adding dance lessons to the list won’t hurt. I saw an ad for a salsa-workout DVD that looks promising. I think it was Core Rhythm.com, but there are dozens of workout-while-you-dance sites. I checked out Zumba and Mambo Fellow too. Even if I don't learn how to dance correctly, at least I'll have nice abs! Check back for more about this unfolding adventure.

Another post from Stefanie.

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