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Monday, March 12, 2007


Isn’t that always the fun discussion? Before telling you about my favorite shoes I have to confess that living in a warm climate and loving regular pedicures has made me a huge fan of flip-flops. And I like pairing fashion and function - blending the two and looking great is a fun challenge. On that note, here are my current faves.

1) Joan & David "Circa" - Cream-colored sling backs with dark heel and toe accents. I paired these shoes with a cream, black and brown colored satin dress for a romantic dinner with a new boyfriend. I was one step out of the car when a woman across the street yelled out, "Great SHOES!" My boyfriend was impressed.

2) ROXY Telluride - Suede-upper/Fleece lined track shoes
I ordered these from Zappos. My burgundy pair was so comfortable and lasted so long that I ordered a pair in camel. They kept my feet happy for 3 weeks of walking through Europe!

3) DANSKO Mary Janes - The soles of these shoes kept me comfortable night after night working in restaurants and looked fabulous at the same time. They were so sturdy and weathered so many food and drink spills that I became a lifelong fan.

4) VANS Flip-Flops - I've had this pair of men’s sandals for more than three years and the comfy soles have just about molded to my feet. And since they’re wide I can skateboard in them.

5) Cowboy Boots from Goodwill – This was my first pair of cowboy boots and they were beautifully broken in, comfy and had a strong heel. Unfortunately, my dog loved the leather and took a few chunks out of them. Better $6 than $600 right?

I love walking barefoot through cool, wet grass. I like the hollow clopping sound high heels make against linoleum. I like to scuff and scrape new heels on the ground so I don't slip later (thanks Mom). But nothing feels better when taking off 5” heels than sliding into a pair of slippers.

Another post from lovely Stefanie. I've warned her that skateboarding in flip-flops will ruin a pedicure every time!

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