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Friday, March 30, 2007


Spring is here and a change of scenery is needed soon. Fortunately for me, the Fairy Godmother of airline ticket contests has granted me a Costa Rican dream come true! After some spur of the moment research and brief consultations with anyone willing to listen, I'm whisking up a trip for two; 8 days of vacation in the north and central Pacific regions of this amazing country.

After trekking through Europe last summer I learned that traveling in extremely close quarters can either make or break a trip (or a relationship). Not only do I need to plan what I have to pack and what I may need and what I most definitely cannot forget, I also have to prepare for obstacles we may each encounter, like language barriers (neither of us is fluent in Tico-Spanish or Spanish in general). He wants to rent a car - I think we should take public transportation for the lower cost and hassle. He doesn't want to plan everything to a T and neither do I, but I'm afraid we might get stuck sleeping in the back of the car. Oh, you can't do much more than laugh.

Our trip was originally going to be centered around surfing and Coronas. But I've since bought some literature about the country and found that if I have 8 days, I want to indulge in more than water! I chose Key to Costa Rica, which not only gives travel and planning advice but offers some ecotourism information, something I would have never before considered but after having read through the book, have found to be essential. We also picked through Frommer's Costa Rica for reviews of hotels and surf spots.

Here's to hoping that this vacation is an adventure in new cultures and experiences, pictures worth a thousand words, and an early summer tan from a truly tropical location! Over the next couple of months I'll be chronicling my plans and decisions, from what to pack (which bikinis and shoes to take) to resorts vs. beach camping. This is going to be amazing - I've never been more excited about a trip!

Another post by the lovely Stefanie, who can't contain her enthusiasm about her upcoming vacation.

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